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Professional Assessment #1 – Self-Assessment Process

Self-assessment was a vital piece of the process while conducting the professional placement activity.  The self-assessment process included formal feedback and information feedback from a variety of sources.  This was important in order to be able to continue to learn and improve on the next lesson.

A part of the self-assessment process included the gathering of feedback from two main sources and in a range of formats illustrated in Figure 1 below.  The self-assessment process was continual process by which feedback was sought from those around me, it was included into my own assessment.

My process for self-assessment was to read all  the material that was provided such as the attached document that was provided to my mentor to obtain the formal feedback. FeedbackLesson1 .  This feedback as also then discussed with my mentor which included what happened, thoughts on the process and areas for improvement. Each part of the assessment process included an area for self-assessment through the completion of sections of the form.

The second assessment document is included in this document –  FeedbackLesson2

The third assessment document is included in this document –  FeedbackLesson3

The fourth assessment document is included in this document – FeedbackLesson4

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