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Professional Assessment #1 – Student-Assessment Process

In order to gain a more rounded view of performance and activities, students were able to formally provide feedback by completing a document.  The students were asked to grade the overall lessons in terms of success, if the task was interesting and engaging, were the objectives clear and did they feel the environment was supportive.The students were also asked if they thought there was something that I should be able to improve upon in respect of the lessons and also what I could be able to improve upon for my overall performance.

Examples of these documents are included below.

Feedback from Student No Feedback from Student No 2Feedback from Student No 3Feedback from Student No 4
The feedback for the students rated the activities and learning well indicating that they felt they had learned during the process.  The students also commonly felt that I could improve the instruction on the lessons activities.  This involved taking time to address the material with the class and this feedback also related to that provided by my mentor.  My own self-assessment indicated that this was something I also agreed with and would be able to improve upon.

The other valuable piece of feedback provided by the students related to the use of my voice with authority to control the class.  Students noted that I did not always speak loudly and firmly enough during the lessons and this too related to my own self-assessment.

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