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Professional Experience #1 – Introduction

The professional experience program included the placement at a school for a period of 4 weeks.  For this activity, I was placed at Kingswood College in Box Hill under the supervision of Mr Grant Exon. In general terms, my reporting was to Mr Exon, however I was also provided with a mentor for the program during my time who would be able to assist both my learning experience, as well as my overall performance. My mentor was named Ms Sula Tyndall, who spent considerable time providing me with instruction, guidance and most importantly a lot of feedback on my performance in class. This portfolio documents the evidence and experiences collected during my time at Kingswood College during the activities that I undertook and how they relate back to the overall expected learning outcomes from Swinburne. These expected learning outcomes include:

  1. Demonstrate professional and caring relationships with education professionals and students.
  2. Contribute to the planning and implementation of learning experiences.
  3. Discuss curriculum documents and resources in relation to effective teaching and learning.
  4. Act in accordance with the standards, codes and policies relevant to the school setting.
  5. Critically reflect upon teaching and learning experiences.

The activities are also expected to relate to the Australian Professional Standard for Teachers, and at the end of each entry a table has been included to demonstrate with standards were addressed as a part of that assessment.

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