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Professional Experience #1 – Planning the Professional Experience

The first professional experience as part of this degree was undertaken at Kingswood College in Box Hill and represented the first time that I would be in front of a student class in a teaching role.  The initial activity took a high degree of planning from the time that I understood I would be completing this activity up until the time that I stood in front of a class.

To better understand the process, I mapped out the planning and actions for the Professional Placement, which also represented the typical activities for undertaking a new job in any other business like organisation.  The activities outlined in Figure 1 which is included in the artefacts attached, commence with the setting of the task and initial instructions from the teacher at Swinburne and the assignment at the college.  The discussions continued with the supervision and the placement details were provided.

I immediately researched the school to understand the policies and learned about what it was like to teach at Kinsgwood College.  The online research enabled me to understand the curriculum and the courses in business management which is my area.  I also took the opportunity to read the Code of Ethics and Confidentiality policies in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

I then met with the teachers at the school to gain more specific information regarding the placement and the subject matter, where the class was up to in their learning processes and getting to know my mentor, Sula Tyndall.


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