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Professional Experience #1 – Reflections addressing learning outcomes

I prepared some notes on what I had learned throughout the experience and these are included in to the artefact above.  I understood the need to be clear with instructions and seperate the tasks in to more manageable tasks.  The tasks that are provided need to be given greater clarity with respect to its overall part in the bigger picture.  While it was clear that my time management needed attention in the first lesson, this improved with some experience and I would expect this would improve again with more experience and learning.

I generally favour the contructive theory of learning, however, in my desire to complete the set tasks, I pushed the students rather than let them complete the activities in their own ways.  This also changed with experience and I believe will get better as my experience develops.  I did get better with the planning of the use of technologies, however understood this to be an important part of the overall planning.


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