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Professional Experience #1 – Self Reflection

If I started the course again with the knowledge I have today I would make sure that I got familiar with the curriculum that I would be teaching earlier in the term.  I would also combine this with learning the lesson planning earlier as well.  I felt that this part caught me by surprise and I would approach this differently this time.  I would also spend more time looking for more examples of best practice teachers and observe their behaviors and mannerisms to learn this better.

Expanding on the lesson planning, I would also get more clear with the activities that I wanted to deliver and how I would be able to connect them with the learning outcomes of the students.  I would then also spend more time getting to know the students earlier and let them present themselves and their learning goals first and help them to establish these in order to be sure that they understand the importance of the the work they are learning.

The course has made a strong impact in the way of seeing the need for my own constant personal development through reading, study and attending additional courses and conferences as much as being a part of the overall teaching community.  This is important not just as a part of the teaching community and teaching unit bodies but also being politically involved in the discussions on how the material is being delivered.

The course helped me to better understand my weaknesses and reflect more in order to enhance my ability to communicate more clearly and speak more loudly.  At the same time, to set up expectations, not just with others, but also with myself.  Ethically, I do understand that I need to accept responsibility, not just in regards to delivering the subject material but also the well-being of the students and being able to influence students with a positive example while always considering the boundaries, not crossing them by becoming socially involved in their everyday activities.

I became fully involved in the process of learning by attending all classes and contributing in discussions and activities, sharing experiences with others and listening to theirs.  I made personal contribution by attending all classes and engaging the placement reading material and searching for advice and feedback on a regular basis.

I developed a strong rapport with fellow pre-service teachers and ongoing discussions and sharing of knowledge with other pre-service teachers.  I discussed the experiences and shared views with Melbourne University students who were also at Kingswood College.  I was able to influence my mentor with a lot of technological ideas and ICT and she also shared her knowledge with me during our time in the professional placement.

Overall, I believe that I deserved a 7 out of 10 (or a credit) in the subject.  I felt that there was a lot in the above that I could do better, particularly in managing my anxiety and my organizational skills, however these improved at the end.  My social skills with the students was a learning experience and I tried to make the work as interactive as possible which I was happy about.  I was able to link the learnings to the final outcomes and overall I was happy with my development towards the end of the course which demonstrated improvements.